Carpe Diem Crossette Choker Necklace


Carpe Diem Crossette Choker Necklace

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Carpe Diem Crossette Choker Necklace
Carpe Diem ‘Crossette’ choker necklace with Swarovski Zirconia Pentagon Star Purple-Aqua set in white rhodium plate on sterling silver, and Swarovski Zirconia Pentagon Star Red-Orangy Yellow cubic zirconia set in 18ct rose gold plate on sterling silver.

  • White rhodium plating and 18ct rose gold plating increase the durability, lustre and light reflection of a piece of jewellery.
  • Featuring the 125th anniversary Swarovski Zirconia stone, which is specially cut in Austria.
  • 8 hearts and 8 arrows cut cubic zirconia – highest quality cut with 28 more facets than the standard cubic zirconia, which allows more light for a diamond-like sparkle.
  • Two-tone and two-way wear necklace.
  • Wear as a necklace or as a choker.


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